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Filter Service

Residential & Commercial Filter Service

In addition to providing our customers with quality air filtration products, we also offer filter change service to our customers in the Lincoln area. You can select to have your filters serviced/replaced quarterly or monthly.


Annual, Quarterly, Monthly Filter Service

Residential Filter Change Service

Frequently changed furnace filters can save equipment downtime or prevent minor problems from becoming a major repair. Regularly scheduled air filter replacement service using high-efficiency filters is available through National Furnace & Air Conditioning. Cleaner air also reduces numerous health problems saving you costly trips to the doctor.

Free on-site survey and analysis

  • Removal and disposal of used filters
  • Work is performed by professional service technicians
  • Notification of visible maintenance problems with your equipment
  • It’s affordable! Call us for a free quote

Commercial Filter Service

We also offer a filter service/replacement to our commercial customers in the Lincoln area. Professional service technicians preform our filter change work. When you contract National Furnace & Air Conditioning to provide a filter change service for your business, you can rest assured that the job will be done on time and on budget.